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  • ASTIL Rosé 2018 - D.O. Cigales

    ASTIL Rose 2018

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    Style Rose wine
    D.O Cigales
    Grape 100 %  Tinta Tempranillo
    Colour Strawberry pink youth hints. More colour than previous years, more colour intensitive. Clean with a fine bright, fresh colour and very lively tones.
    Aroma Fresh, intense, with a clearly defined fruity aromas. Noticeable strawberry (unripened) coming through, peach and some grapefruit. Traces of pippin apple and mint. A balsamic, fruity background more intense., cherry and blackberries (100% tempranillo)
    Taste  Very fruity and fresh, revealing strawberry lollipop and blackberry flavours, smooth touch of alcohol and acidity. Clean, intense with a good length, enveloping. Retains its fruity (cherry and blackberry) for a long time in the palate.
    Pairing Rices, pasta, green vegetables, cold meats, fish and seafood grilled and barbecued meat.
    Alcohol  13,60%
    Serve 8 – 10º C
    Bottle Size  75 CL